The Road


The Road / 2021

THE ROAD is a multi-disciplinary performing arts project that brings together artists from South Africa, France and Sweden through 3D animations, virtual reality and live theatre.

P always take the bus to work, but one day everything is different.
A global pandemic puts everyone’s living conditions at its peak and life on and around the bus will never be the same again.
How will we survive when our loved ones die?
Who can we trust?

Can we find comfort and help in each other or are we hopelessly lost in grief and hatred?
After all, do we dare to fall in love again and hope for a future?

Based on Darling Desperado’s concept, the South African playwright Philisiwe Twijnstra has written the story THE ROAD, which revolves around four characters whose life stories are woven together into life and death.

Franco Veloz-Filmmaker, animator, illustrator
Fares Qadri-Filmmaker
Philisiwe Twijnstra-Script
Jundi Majhul-Composer
Hamoon Tehrani-Sound
Matilda Hyttsten-Costume and makeup
Alfons Hjelm-VR- technician
Henrik Wenne, Noto Isak Perrin,Kristian Nielsen, -Technician
Ulrika Malmgren, Björn Vårsjö, Emelie Johansson,Bengt Braskered ,Katta Pålsson-Actors
Ali Lali- Productionassistant, Technician
Darling Desperados-Production


WINNER-Best Digital Experience STOFF – 2021

Presented in: 

Reykjavik Fringe Festival 2021.

MINDELACT- Mindelo, Cabo Verde.

Her Story International Theatre Festival