The Blue Blue


The Blue Blue / 2022

Det Blåa Blå / 2022

The Blue Blue is an interactive theatre experience that makes room for imagination, play and humor mixing virtual reality, 3d animation, 2D animation and live theater.

Are you brave enough to dive into the sea and solve the mystery down there in the depths? With a VR headset and the world’s best plumbers Sally and Sue to help you, in Blue Blue you get to experience a new level of imagination, play and interactivity. The performance is made in collaboration with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen and Stockholm’s art college.
With the support of the City of Stockholm
In this performance, you get to go on an imaginative journey to a crackling underwater world. Down in the depths meet mysterious sea plants, fish, maybe even the occasional shark? And somewhere, where you least expect it, there is a mystery. Det blåa blå is an interactive theater experience that makes room for imagination, play and humor. To help us when we plunge into the sea, we have VR headsets. You experience everything in 360°, completely surrounded by open water and the sea’s bubbling soundscape.

Concept & production: Ulrika Malmgren & Katta Pålsson
(Darling Desperados)
Direction: Ulrika Malmgren
Visual design VR & Animation: Franco Veloz
VR-enviroment: Leo Lådby-Pusselbiten
Script: Philisiwe Twijnstra
Scenographer: Simon Karlsson
Compositor and Sound designer: Teodor Sydbom Kourkoulis
Light design:Hilda Ohlsson
Make up and Costume design: Annette Fredriksson
Artistic research: Tinna Joné & Ulrika Malmgren
Producer: Malin Hjelm
Technical support: Alfons Wiberg