Johan´s room

Johan draws on paper sheets on his desk in his small apartment. Memories from the past, from Beckomberga mental hospital, stalk him. Frustrated, he throws away his drawings one after another. As night comes, he surrenders to sleep and the attempts of art that he discarded come to life, taking over the night and his room.

Directed by: Franco Veloz
Production: Franco Veloz and Sergio C. Ayala
DOP: Sergio C. Ayala
Camera assistant: Federico Tonozzi
Animations: Emanu Garnheim
Set design: Abood Belwan
Sound: André Córdova Rudsted
Sound design – Music: Gianni Wasserman
Editing: Franco Veloz


Da Arte

Between the streets and buildings of the huge city of Sao Paulo, artists work hard to get their message across. The theater, the circus and educational institutions are the spaces from where these artists tell their stories, fight for their rights and for equal opportunities.

Direction: Franco Veloz and Jackel Chow

Documentary film.

Length: 12′ 32″

Future Under Ground
A film about mines

Argentina and Sweden are two very different countries that share the same dream: a strong mining industry should give the countries economic prosperity. A mineral rush runs over forests and deserts, but behind the rumbling noise of drilling-blasting, voices are raised against environmental destruction and violations of indigenous rights. Who really owns the land, and who has the right to decide upon the natural resources of the earth?

Direction: Franco Veloz, Malin Hassler and Paula Lenninger

Documentary film.

Length: 32′ 33″

Mugre muerte​

Two friends meet each other, for the last time. A life of friendship is reduced to a single moment.  

Animated short film 

Length: 02´24″


La parte azul del fuego


Music: “La parte azul del fuego” / Castillo

Production: Malcriados Audiovisuales (Buenos Aires- Argentina)

Length: 3′ 33″



Experimental animation.


Length: 44″

By nature 83

Experimental animation.


Length: 54″

The lovers(from 7 am to 15 pm with 30 min for lunch)

Experimental animation.


Length: 16″

The school, the things and the student

Experimental animation.


Length: 33″