Johans Rum / 2020

El cuarto de Johan / 2020

Johan’s Room / 2020


10 min.

Johan draws on paper sheets on his desk in his small apartment. Memories from the past, from Beckomberga mental hospital, stalk him. Frustrated, he throws away his drawings one after another. As night comes, he surrenders to sleep and the attempts of art that he discarded come to life, taking over the night and his room.

Johan: Ruben Lenninger

Directed by: Franco Veloz
Production: Franco Veloz and Sergio C. Ayala
DOP: Sergio C. Ayala
Camera assistant: Federico Tonozzi
Animations: Emanu Garnheim
Set design: Abood Belwan
Sound: André Córdova Rudsted
Sound design – Music: Gianni Wasserman
Editing: Franco Veloz