Fåret som Rymde


Fåret som rymde / 2023

 La oveja que escapó / 2023 

The sheep that escaped / 2023


8 min.

On a sheep farm, David, an obsessed landowner, is cowed and tortured by a strange farmer. When he escapes, a dangerous and exciting chase begins between the two.

Cast: Matthias Thorbjörnsson & Jakob Fahlstedt

Directed by: Franco Veloz
Production:  Sergio C. Ayala
DOP: Federico Tonozzi
Make up Artist: Freja Stige
Production assistant: Olga Palaga
Sound design and Music: Juan Polito &Cecilia Galeano – Haciendo discos estudio
Colorist: Sergio C. Ayala
Editing: Franco Veloz